Respiratory cold and flu viruses, can persist on surfaces for hours or days. Since it’s impossible to know if the person who stayed in the same room before you harboured an illness, it’s best to be proactive and here’s what we think you and we should do to stay healthy. 

  1. Follow the Government’ guidelines. 

  1. Head straight to your room sink and wash your hands with the antibacterial soap and sanitizing hand wipes provided in your room. 

  1. Do not put your suitcase on your bed. We know many large hotel chains who wash comforters only about once or twice a year and suitcases are not the cleanest items. Everything in your room is freshly washed and disinfected from top to bottom. Please help us keep it that way. 

  1. Let us know when you leave your room, so that we can enter and disinfect where germs may linger, especially handles throughout your room. 

  1. Remember that the coronavirus is believed to be most commonly transmitted from human to human via contact with surfaces, but not the main way. 

  1. We have invested in masks, googles and gloves for ourselves and our staff. 

  1. We may or may not choose to wear these at your check in, so please don’t be offended.


  • Luxury Bed and Breakfast
  • Secure parking behind electric gates
  • Hypnos king size bed in every room
  • Luxury bedding and towels
  • Ensuite bathrooms with large area showers with rain drop heads
  • Wi-fi, TV. RJ45 sockets
  • Hybrid vehicle charging station


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